Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

In this episode, we visit with tackle Jordan Mailata, who enters a crucial Year 3 with the Philadelphia Eagles, and we ask five Eagles reporters what they think is the team’s biggest concern for 2020. Plus, Stats Corner returns and Harold Carmichael has a longer wait for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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0:00 A visit with Jordan Mailata
9:21 Outside Perspective
24:51 Stats Corner
28:35 A visit with Harold Carmichael

5 thoughts on “Is Jordan Mailata Ready to Play? | Eagles Insider”
  1. Jordan could be a utility guy in MY book. I’d like to see him at FB, Blocking TE, O Lineman, but I think He’d be deadly at DT, right next to Fletcher Cox. I hope he gets his chance. The Eagles love sending starting talent packing historically.
    I certainly hope Coach Pederson comes to play this season. He may have a SuperBowl under his belt from inheriting a stacked roster + drafting Wentz, but HE isn’t actually a “dominant” coach. I’d even go to the point of saying he should be on the bubble after almost losing the locker room last season. Dougie IS lucky Wentz is such a stud , and with no starting wideouts at that. At some point in Wentz’s career, I’d just like to see a coach set HIM free to just put up points, and NOT paint him into a corner with a pathetic playbook or soft playcalling.
    On the other side of the ball, I’d love to see a “Dominant” front and passrush while Fletcher Cox still has his immense motor. Mixing in that 5th guy passrushing would change the Dynamics of OUR game. Stop passrushing with OUR DBs and Safeties!
    I saw the footage of CB Slay playing in Detroit. He looks like he doesn’t know how to tackle. I certainly hope Jim Schwartz has done his due diligence this quarantine off-season and change up his playbook.
    The rookie class looks SO exciting, but after all these years I know better than to listen to ANY Eagles media and hype.
    Congratulations Harold Carmichael!

  2. For some reason, I feel like he’s going to be the sleeper story of the Eagles season. I don’t have nothing to go off of, I just have the feeling.

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